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Term Definition
Active survey The system allows for only one active version of each survey. The active surveys will display on the My NROSH+ dashboards. The status, validation issues and survey countdown are all displayed for each survey.
Authenticated user User who is nominated to a User Role and who has logged on successfully.
Cross part validations Cross part validation rules check the data across the parts of a single survey.
Data grid Part of a survey where the answer to a question has multiple answers and in multiple dimensions - and is therefore structured as a grid. For example, homes broken down simultaneously by type and by size.
Full Access Full access available to nominated PRP users, which includes permissions to edit and view all surveys on the site, organisational and governance details. They can also add new PRP users and maintain their details. (In contrast to Statistical Return Access).
Hard validation issues Major issues in the data which indicate critical mistakes or problems in the data which must be corrected before the user can submit a completed survey.
Import A spreadsheet can be used for data entry into a Part. The user downloads a template from NROSH+, enters data, and then imports that data into NROSH+. A template is provided for each Part, or for the entire survey (FVA, FFR and SDR (the QS template cannot be imported)). It can be imported several times as data is updated: any fields containing data will be imported and will over-write data already in the form in those fields.
Part validations Data checks carried out between individual fields within a single part. These might include:
  • 1. A comparison between 2 or more values for equality
  • 2. A comparison between 2 values for one being greater or smaller than the other
  • 3. A check to ensure non-system totals are computed correctly
  • 4. A check for the presence of data for certain fields, based on a condition such as
  •   a. A question being answered as Yes or No
  •   b. Presence of data in another dependent field
  • 5. Weighted averages calculated and compared for 2 different data sets
Part with multiple records This indicates that a part contains a question (or set of questions) which has to be answered many times. For example, a question which has to be answered for each LA in which an PRP has stock, or the number of years for which there is a business plan forecast/projection.
Parts Sections of a survey for completion
Profiles A term related to the access which different types of user have to the different areas of the NROSH+ website to carry out activities there. For PRPs, there are three profiles, or levels of access: Full user access, Quarterly Survey user access and Statistical data user access.
Quick Reports (RSH) Series of standard reports, each providing a list of PRPs at the various stages of data input for a survey, which allow the regulator to monitor PRP progress.
Registered user A user whose name and email address are recorded on NROSH+ and who has a discrete password. Only registered users can request a reminder of a forgotten password, or release a locked password
Sign-off Once the survey has been checked by the regulator and they are happy with the submission, the survey will then be signed off.
Soft validation issues Warnings about minor inconsistencies in the data provided. Soft validation messages should be reviewed and supporting documents uploaded to explain any which cannot be resolved.
Statistical Return Access For PRP Users, a level of access permission which allows them to view organisational and governance details maintained on NROSH+, and to view and edit the statistical return, they have no access to financial returns and cannot create or amend users.
Submission A process which PRPs initiate when they have completed their data entry for a survey and are satisfied that all the Parts within it are validated. This initiates the 'transfer' of data to the regulator.
Survey A data collection and associated dataset required by the regulator
Survey completed All data has been entered, validated, and has gone through a successful submission and an online declaration that the data being submitted is true and accurate.
Survey dashboard The default page displayed after log in for any PRP user.
Tolerance level Maximum number of hard validation issues allowed to be remaining in the data for the PRP to be able to submit the survey.
Validate/validation Checking of pre-entered data for one (selected) part against rules set to ensure the quality of data submitted
Validation issue count The number of validation issues for the part when last validated
Validation results A page displaying the results of a validation activity